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Children´s orthodontics
Pediatric dentistry and Speech Therapy

Ortodoncia infantil y Odontopediatría
Ortodoncia infantil y Odontopediatría
Ortodoncia infantil y Odontopediatría
Ortodoncia infantil y Odontopediatría

The best way to ensure a healthy mouth is to start monitoring oral health when children are still small. Early detection means that minimally invasive treatments can be applied, thus reducing and delaying dental decay and minimising complications in the future.


In Clínica Marcó we recommend taking a child to the dentist for the first time at the age of about five. If an examination is performed in time, it is possible to diagnose defects and demineralisation of the enamel, caries… and apply preventive treatments that are less complicated and consequently cheaper. Early detection also favours bite correction, chewing and oral hygiene.

If children learn some simple habits and they are taught how to care for teeth, it will contribute to their future oral health.


Childhood is an ideal time for orthodontic treatment. Growing bones are easier to mould and it is quicker to correct the position of teeth. The treatments are shorter and, therefore, cheaper.

In Clínica Marcó we consider that the most practical treatment for children is:

Normal or self-ligating fixed metal braces that cause less pressure and move the teeth faster. Or fixed ‘orthopaedic’ braces to modify bone structure while taking advantage of the child’s period of growth.

Experience has proven that better and faster results are achieved with fixed braces, rather than with removable braces or functional appliances.



Speech therapy can correct cases caused by wrong habits, such as thumb-sucking, using a dummy for too long or putting the tongue in the wrong position.

When the wrong position of teeth is due to a bad habit, there is no point in aligning the teeth unless the child has previously undergone speech therapy or they receive treatment at the same time. If the habit persists, with time the problem that led to seek the specialist’s help will reappear.