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Clínica Marcó
Clínica Marcó
Clínica Marcó
Clínica Marcó

In Clínica Marcó, founded in 1992, in addition to applying all the classic orthodontic techniques, we are specialists in the most advanced techniques of lingual braces and other invisible and aesthetic orthodontics.

Invisible aesthetic methods are not only techniques, they are a different way of understanding orthodontics. Besides correcting the position of teeth, our aim is to respect each patient’s comfort and appearance, so they can smile without feeling self-conscious throughout the entire treatment.

Our desire to put people first has led us to create our own way of doing things, which translates into a series of benefits and services:

Opening hours: we reduce the amount of time spent in the waiting room and we perform the maximum number of procedures possible in each appointment.
Emergencies: we offer a continuous orthodontics service. We open in the morning and afternoon every day of the week, and we have a flexible timetable to deal with emergencies.
Personalised attention: all our treatments are personalised because each mouth is unique.
Collaboration: we work closely with your dentist and in multidisciplinary cases, we refer you to the best specialists.
Appliances: we have our own laboratory that enables us to respond more quickly to your needs and directly adjust appliances.
High precision materials and tools: we use top quality materials and tools because it is the only way of being able to guarantee our results.
We avoid invasive treatments: we believe in non-invasive treatment. We try to avoid surgery and extracting healthy teeth, even if it increases the difficulty of the treatment.
Treatment estimate and payment plans: we suggest several alternative treatments and payment plans so as to adjust to the situation and budget of each patient.
Experience: we are backed by 25 years of experience that enables us to find a solution to really complex cases and orthodontic re-treatments, always obtaining the best results.